Right from the start you can depend on Vsam Tech for all commercial construction services in Gurgaon. Be it Commercial Shops or Office Space, Hotel or Guest House, Hospitals or Individual Flats or Apartments you can totally depend on us to build as per your specifications and that too within suitable budget and time frame. You name it and we can provide all the details you need complete in all respects.

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Full Guidance on Intended Construction


Once we hear about your dream project, our competent engineers discuss all the pros and cons and suggest various alternatives to choose from. Many of the dream projects miss out on essentials which our engineers fill in and soon you get a complete picture of what you can build with us. Once everything is finalized, our designers show how your property will look graphically. Our software will show you the property from all angles helping you to have a firm viewpoint.

Keeping Clients Abreast of Innovations

Today many innovations take place in building constructions which may initially hike the cost but help you save recurring costs like:

1. Using hollow bricks for ceiling, which help you reduce your air-conditioning bills,
2. Fly-ash bricks are good for reducing building costs
3. Reflective paints on terraces keep temperature of top floors down and some wall paints that are cheaper in the long run as you save on repainting costs every few years!
4. Using Red Stone Slabs for window roofs, which are easier to maintain and replace and so on.

Designed as per Vaastu Considerations

Today everyone wishes to construct buildings as per Vaastu Guidelines to ensure commercial success. We have on our panel the experts who advise whenever and wherever the changes should be made. Many a time the need to construct an additional item, like a well, is necessary to ward off negative aspects of a land benefits hugely, and our experts chip in promptly, for clients’ benefit.

We take pride in informing our esteemed clients all such happenings and brief them on the pros and cons and give them a say in what will be used. After all, once you have paid our charges it is our duty to inform you on whatever expertise we have and how it can be used for your benefit.

Finally, our designers fine-tune the project and offer many wonderful alterations that leave our clients wide-eyed and their faces brightened with pleasure. It is easy to mention that no one, we repeat no one had ever told them so many options existed and the clients were sure, they were in good hands and their dream project would shine for sure.

Helping you to get Clearance from all Authorities

Construction activity is quite complex and needs clearance from multiple departments like anti-pollution, fire safety, change in land use, Tree Authority, Road Owning Agency and a zillion other bodies. Since we deal with them on a regular basis, we save you from rising costs by getting all clearances within a few days so that the construction can start at the earliest.