Vsam Tech (P) Ltd.  has all the expertise needed for providing Residential Construction Services in Gurgaon and nearby areas. In fact, this was the first area we ventured in and after spending a decade and obtaining praise from our clients, we ventured into Commercial Construction Services. Though we excel in all constructions, residential construction services is what we really love to do because that’s where our heart is.

Kothis Construction Services in Gurgaon

Multi Storey Apartment Construction Services in Gurgaon
Multi Storey Apartments

Societies / Group Housing Society Construction Services
Societies / Group Housing Society

Farm Houses

Duplex Houses

Tour on Residential Construction Options

That’s right! There are a multitude of options when constructing residential premises. Depending on the budget, our experts offer hundreds of solutions for kothis, multi-storied apartments, societies, farmhouses, duplex houses, homes and bungalows in literally dozens of varied designs. In fact, our range of options will baffle you and hence we offer a guided tour explaining what all you can do with your allotted plot.

It is our experience that once the options are rolled out, majority clients rethink about what best they can do with their plots. This gives us utmost satisfaction that we have been of help to our clients who now understand that rushing through never helps. Then they start evaluating each option and after thorough discussion within them, reach to their dream project.

Finally, our designers fine-tune the project and offer many wonderful alterations that leave our clients wide-eyed and their faces brightened with pleasure. It is easy to mention that no one, we repeat no one had ever told them so many options existed and the clients were sure, they were in good hands and their dream project would shine for sure.

Cost Effective Residential Construction

Additional Tips that Save Money and bring happiness

Unlike Verman Buildtech, not every builder is interested in saving client’s money. We take pleasure in offering all valuable tips like these that benefit our clients:
1. Keep sun’s heat away by using hollow bricks for ceiling, helping you reduce air-conditioning bills,
2. Using fly-ash bricks, which are much better than clay bricks and provide leakage resistance and are good for reducing building costs
3. Reflective paints on terraces keep temperature of top floors down and some wall paints that are cheaper in the long run as you save on repainting costs every few years!
4. Red Stone Slabs for window roofs, which are easier to maintain and replace,
5. Keep ground floor for security, office and parking so as to utilize the plot to the maximum.
6. Beneficial trees that not only grow quickly, but also draw ground water more keeping the area dry which improves structural stability.