Vsam Tech has years of experience in Roads Construction services in many townships. We excel in laying roads for internal as well as external usage, along with service roads and slip roads which help increase the life of the main roads. We also have vast experience in Highways Construction services for many states. Our vast infrastructure coupled with competent human resource ensure quality work throughout.

Verman Buildtech is a well-known leading civil engineering and construction company specializing in the construction of the National and State Highways, City and Rural Roads of international standards. We can provide multiple delivery systems in design-build, bid-build, public-private-partnerships and Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT). We can successfully execute road building projects from the design stage to the final task of layering the asphalt.

Roads Construction and Repair services

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Minor Bridges
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Highway & Expressway construction services of international standards on Turnkey basis


We provide construction services on Turnkey basis right from widening, strengthening and improvements of roads to Construction of Embankment, Sub-grade & Base Course as well as the tasks of Construction of Bituminous Flexible Pavement have been successfully completed. What’s more, we have also undertaken Mastic Asphalt Surfacing on Bridges & City Roads followed by

Construction of Surface, Subsurface Drains and Culverts & Minor Bridges and finally done the most important task of Applying & Fixing of Road Furniture in a timely and authoritative manner to the satisfaction of our clients


Novel and Tailored Solutions are a specialty at Vsam Tech

Highways and roads suffer from direct exposure to harsh atmospheric conditions, combined with cyclic loading from heavy vehicular traffic, the service conditions experienced by roads and bridges are some of the most arduous within civil engineering. Protecting such constructions from these conditions requires novel and tailored solutions and Vsam Tech has developed a range of products specifically designed for such purpose. There is no dearth of expertise and our qualified and experienced civil engineers often come up with laudable solutions that surprise many.

All Projects supported by Detailed Technical Literature and Helpful Guidelines

Our engineers understand very well that ease and simplicity of application are as important as long term performance. To meet these stringent requirements all our products are supported by detailed technical literature, giving full explanations of requirements before, during and after application to ensure success. We also provide technical tidbits to aid in timely maintenance of our projects. In addition, by partnering with our customers at all stages, we aim to add value and give support as well as providing a solution with long term benefits.

We know what technologies to use to aid the general public who would be using our projects. We can prepare a site for both foot and vehicular traffic through standard paving services. From concrete curb and sidewalk installation, to street paving, our road and highway services are thoroughly crafted and are second to none. Our paving services include highways, roadways, apartment complexes, retail shopping centers, condominiums to residential buildings …we do it all! We take pride in all of our roads and highway construction services and always build them to last long!