Vsam Tech specializes in Turnkey Services in Gurgaon. We understand that few individuals and companies thoroughly understand the nuances of constructing buildings. Handling labour is something which only specialized & experienced companies like us can.

It is not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s where we step in.
Irrespective of your constructional needs like:

  1. A Warehouse
  2. Factory (big or small)
  3. Industrial unit
  4. Hospitals
  5. Electricity Generator Shed
  6. Kothis
  1. Multistoried Apartments
  2. Housing Society Complex
  3. Schools
  4. Godowns
  5. Commercial Complexes with shops

Best Pool of Land Surveyors, Architects, Engineers and Labour Contractors

Our years of experience handling many big and small projects have helped generate a pool of dependable persons who are always willing to work with us. Right from surveying the land to designing the layouts and then handing the plans to engineers along with labour contractors all tasks change hands smoothly and without any problem. Our quick payment policy keeps everyone interested and no one hesitates in passing timely problems and possible solutions so that every task is completed as per the timeline.

Vaastu Corrections Included

Our on-board Vaastu Consultants sometimes suggest minor corrections and only after their clearing the plans, our engineers go ahead. This exercise ensures all your engagements, whether personal or commercial go smoothly giving you peace of mind.

We start from Bhoomi Poojan, complete with Pandits and Langar

We believe in making an auspicious start and always begin with the customary Bhoomi Poojan, with elaborate arrangements for guests for the prasad and the Langar to appease the deities. This shows how seriously we take all our assignments.

Best Construction Materials and Equipments & Fittings

We believe in long term relationships and prefer keeping our association live for many years to come. All our construction services utilize best materials, equipment and fittings so that we do not need to re-do any single task. Just one look and all our clients approve our jobs which builds confidence and trust in all that we do. That is our pride as we take every Turnkey Project seriously and put our undivided attention to it at all times.

Planned Progress Reports with Surprise Visits

Though fortnightly progress reports are the norm at Vsam Tech, we even welcome and encourage surprise visits from our clients. Most of our clients are surprised at the time bound completed tasks and the finishing which speaks volumes of our workmanship. Till date, not a single client has ever complained and returned back in bad humour. Though after just one surprise visit, many clients prefer to wait for the fortnightly reports and believe that the task is progressing as promised.